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"At WHF we're confident that we can help you find your peak fitness level and get the results you're looking for, but why listen to us talk about ourselves. Here are some of WHF's clients sharing their experiences and recent accomplishments."

- WHF Crew

"What are you getting when you join Whole Health Fitness? You are getting a team that supports and encrourages you every step of the way. You are getting trainers that recognize your individual goals and tailor training to you. You are getting a level of passion and experience that is unparralled. You are about to start something fantastic...so what are you waiting for?"

- Connor Praill, WHF Client

"My experience at WHF has been nothing less than amazing. I started as a bootcamper but wanted something more. As I started personal training I knew I found exactly what I needed to bring my health to the next level. I am happy with my experience as Rob thoroughly explains every exercise and makes sure safety is priority. Not to mention he is totally motivating! In the short time I have been working one on one I have already noticed an improvement in my all around fitness level and ability to complete daily tasks with ease. I could not be happier with my choice to train at WHF! Thanks, Rob!"

- Kaeleigh Vanderloop, WHF Client & WHF Bootcamper

"My experience with Rob and the team at Whole Health Fitness was nothing but positive. I came to Rob with fairly extensive training knowledge having played varsity rugby through university where I completed a degree in kinesiology. When I asked Rob for help, I found that my training had become stagnant and that I was actually beginning to develop some muscle imbalances. Rob was able to quickly identify my areas of weakness and help me to develop a plan to start my road to recovery. In a world filled with '30 day' beach body programs and dietary 'cleanses', it is nice to find a team that is dedicated to long term health in every aspect of the word".

- Adam Froats, WHF Client

Client: Erica F.

Client since July 2015.

Client: John L.

       Client since March 2015.

 Client: Cathy H.

Client since June of 2014

03 Client: Jeff L.

Client since May of 2014

04 Client: Dave

Client since August 2014

05 Client: Colin W.

Client since June 2014.