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This past May, WHF had the privilege of working alongside Wendy Hord, owner and photographer for Soul Photography! Working with Wendy was a delight, and we loved the final product! Wendy has a very creative eye and can make any average moment look amazing. Not only does her experience lend itself well to capturing those moments you're looking for, but she has some pretty cool equipment too! 🙂 We highly recommend Wendy for anyone who is looking for 'that special moment' to be caught on camera!



Rob Mitchell OCT/PTS

Trainer & Owner of WHF



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WHF: Lion Heart Set

If you attend WHF with some frequency, you might have heard the trainers speak of a Lion Heart Set. Lion Heart Sets are a challenging series of three or more exercises made into one large set.

 These sets are great for improving many elements of the body - strength, power, cardio, and coordination.

The Filthy Fan: A Story of Functional Fitness

At WHF, we look at fitness from the perspective of making your everyday life easier. We focus on ranges of motion, instead of just muscle groups. This encourages a more harmonious development of the body and allows you to avoid creating imbalances.

 WHF owner, Rob Mitchell OCT, had some free time on his hands, so he shot this funny little clip.

This one is for the WHF clients:

The Prowler Push

WHF is more than just certified, we are experienced. Our trainers ask a lot of our clients, but as our clients would attest, the fitness results that they have been looking for have been found with the help of WHF's trainers. Your trainer should practice what they preach.

Watch as owner Rob Mitchell OCT takes on one of WHF's toughest exercises - The Prowler.

The Finer Things in Life 

Whether it is in a one-to-one setting, in a bootcamp class, or even in our yoga program, WHF helps you develop the often neglected elements of fitness. At WHF, we believe that Balance, Coordination, and Core strength are the building blocks for all other activities. We help our clients continue to develop these essential skills day in and day out.

 Watch Rob Mitchell OCT/PTS, owner of WHF, demonstrate some different exercises.

The Essentials: Balance, Coordination, Core Strength


At WHF, 'fitness' means more to us than just in the physical sense. It is important to explore mental, emotional, and social health. It is important to take time to enjoy the finer things in life.

 Check out this light-hearted video of WHF's owner Rob Mitchell OCT enjoying a beautiful fall day.

WHF: A Fresh Approach to Fitness

Are you tired of doing the same old routine? Need to give your workout a shot of energy? Check out WHF and our various affordable fitness classes and personal training options. All of our exercises are modifiable based on your experience level.  We keep things creative, fun, and challenging.

 Watch as Rob Mitchell OCT/PTS, owner of WHF, demonstrates some fun ladder work. Enjoy!

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